Often when we think about the things in life, we have much greater appreciation of

   the blessings that are the most important to us such as the free gift of eternal

   life. Here are some small and big things in my life as a disabled person, and I encourage

   you to write your own list:

O Lord, my God,

Thank You for Your salvation in the form of Jesus!

Cause me to appreciate the little things

That You constantly do in my life

So I might be awe-stricken and meditate over Your Love

To want to go through the pangs of death for me!

isten to my prayer, O Lord,

To never take Your Love for granted.

As I wake up to the dawn and the rising sun,

Remind me of the dawning of eternity

That I will spend with You!

As I ask one of Your Children to get me out of bed each morning,

Remind me to praise You for the morning

When I will rise in my glorified body and meet You!

As I have my morning devotions and read Your Holy Word,

Remind me to give glory

To the endless worship and praise for You!

As I eat,

Remind me of the heavenly manna

That I will receive and never grow hungry!

As I do my work,

Remind me of the privilege to serve You

In a new way!

As I do paintings of Your Beautiful Creation,

Remind me that they won’t remotely compare with or come close to

The splendor of my new home!

As I spend time with the friends You have given me,

Remind me that we will continually magnify Your Precious Name!

As I close my eyelids in bed,

Praise God Through Rejections

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