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On January 17, 1947, I, Rick Hohn was born with cerebral palsy that seriously affected my arms and legs as well as speech. However, I didn't let the disability stop myself!,

Besides retired from DynaVox Technologies and being an associate pastor for Winds of Harvest in San Marcos, CA, I enjoy painting pictures.

After the invention of a headband 15 years later, my mother tried taping a paintbrush to my head stylus. Besides being able to type to communicate more effectively, I learned how to paint in water colors doing traditional impressionistic landscapes..

I didn't take his artistic ability seriously, however, in the 1980’s when I sold two paintings for $75.00 apiece. To further his talent, the enthusiastic young man started taking art class from Roy Herwick, a prominent artist in Los Angeles.

Enjoy browsing through my artwork and click on the thumbnails for descriptions of the pieces. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please email me

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