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Size: 36 x 24

Price: $240.00

Let Boys Be Boys is the title of this painting and my belief that kids should play the same even at roughhousing, regardless of a disability or not. I enjoyed roughhousing when I grew up and liked seeing my friends do the same, but the neighbors weren’t sure of this and thought we were fragile. One afternoon, my friends, Jamie and Timmy, came over for a visit and wrestled on the grass in the front yard. Jamie was severely paralyzed from his chest to his toes, but Timmy was just partially paralyzed in one leg and looked much bigger and stronger. Nevertheless, Jamie, with just his upper body strength pinned Timmy down almost every time! One of the neighbors freaked out watching Jamie turning over and over again to pin Timmy down, and yet his lifeless and limp legs barely followed, and even wrapped around each other. He didn’t wear his usual braces, so his lower half looked even more debilitating. Dragging on the ground, his legs were also one full circle or more behind his upper body. His back was twisted in the shape of a screw. This was too much for the neighbor to watch out of her window, so she called my parents that made us play indoors. Therefore, the next time you see kids with disabilities playing and perhaps getting a little rough; remember that boys must be boys!

Let Boys Be Boys