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In spite of our circumstances and various trials, the Lord delights in our praises. He blesses us when we praise Him. If you have children, you especially see how much God loves the praise because you get excited when your child walks up to you and says, "I love you!"

Praise the Lord,

O my soul;

Praise with all my might

To my God and King,

Who alone is worthy of praise!

For great are his wondrous deeds

To blot all my sins

And to raise me from the dead Like He did

To insure an eternal home in heaven.

Yes, praise the Lord,

O my soul,

For my new body

--The glorified body--

That He promised me!

How wonderful and magnificent will it be

Not only to walk and talk

With the Loving Father,

Who skillfully made me and knows all my way,

But to eternally praise His Holy Name

And to shout thanksgiving to Him

Without ceasing!

For in praising Him is why I

Along with the rest of mankind

Was originally created

As well as to live and dwell in the full richness

Of His Glory!

But as a fish that has jumped out of the water,

I have gone astray from my natural environment

And gasped for every breath

To have perfect fellowship

And to be put in unity with and in Him

The Bread of Life!

Thanks to be through Jesus Christ,

My Lord and redeemer,

Who gives me joy and peace on earth

By sending me His Holy Spirit

And Who one day will grant my longing soul

To finally enjoy dwelling in the full richness

Of His Glory!

\Praise the Lord,

All my soul;

ive glory and honor to Him

From this time forth!


November 15, 1981

Bless The Lord, O My Soul

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